A contemporary and relaxed style that incorporates a Nordic or Scandinavian feel 

12 months
June 15, 2018

The project included the interior decoration of a weatherboard cottage in the western suburbs of Melbourne. Furnished rooms included living room, dining room, master bedroom, guest bedroom and home office

My client moved from an apartment into a weatherboard cottage not bringing any furniture with him and the brief was to fully furnish his new home with a Nordic style and relaxed feel.

The colour palette was to be dark and earthy with the inclusion of light timbers, and he wanted everything from furniture and art to bed linen, all soft furnishings and decorator pieces as well as plants.

We commissioned a diptych artwork for the dining room, and used photographic art of Patagonia in the living room that my client felt drawn to as he had travelled there. These pieces formed the colour palette for his home and were the basis from which we added everything to.

As this home was small (although very open) I was mindful of the size of furniture pieces going in, and had the sofa custom made and chose a round dining table to fit the space. I also had the pleasure of setting up a home office and decorating both bedrooms.

"It's been a thrill and real pleasure to have had Michelle from Bask Interiors design the interior space of my new home in Yarraville. With not having much know-how about renovating or interior designing, I really did put all of my trust in her skills... and I have not been disappointed. I love the feel of the Nordic style that she has created - the earthy colours really creates such a peaceful place that I love coming home too and never tire of admiring. The process was seamless from the initial planning right through to the final deliveries. Everything is done professionally, efficiently but certainly not hastily. Costs all very reasonable. Nothing really to fault... delighted with it all!"